Sphere Mount POLAR™ SERIES Target Holder

Sphere Mount POLAR™ SERIES Target Holder
Item# 15SMP-1000-XXXX
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Product Description

The SM® POLAR™ series offers several features:

Small footprint (1.0” Diameter) for mounting in tight places.

A new design that locates the on the POLAR™ REGION of the Spherically Mounted Retro-Reflector, Theodolite Sphere, Photogrammetry Sphere, or other Spherical Type Target.

Allows for Negative Rotation all the way around the POLAR target!

The target holder includes an o-ring, and there is an optional sealed cap.

POLAR™ targets the same tolerances as Hubbs Classic SM® Series line of Laser Tracker Target Holders.

17-4 PH Stainless Steel standard with optional 1144 Black Oxided Steel.